Dalrymple MacAlpin

Make  Believe (2019)

"Painting of Dalrymple MacAlpin playing lute, flute and harp and surrounded by fairies, stars, and characters from folklore”

Artist edition, double LP gatefold, limited to 250 copies.

Make Believe Selected Bibliography

Make Believe, an archetypal cantata by composer Dalrymple MacAlpin, is a musical invocation of the unfettered imagination.The unconventional score utilizes familiar and exotic instrumentation, at times in distinctive contrast with one another. The idyllic melodies are played and sung against a harmonic landscape, which range in treatment from jubilant playfulness to barbarous dissonance. Make Believe further beguiles the listener by not strictly adhering to any specific genre. Disparate styling’s such as folk, classical, medieval, psychedelia, avant-garde and choral are written with equally diverging form; art song, ballad, chant, lullaby, concert aria and an experimental scherzo. Aside from The Stolen Child, a poem by W.B. Yeats and The Trickster Ferryman, verses by Roald Dahl, the libretto was written by Dalrymple MacAlpin. 

Featuring ~

~ Dawn McCarthy 

~ Nils Frykdahl  

John Ames

The Middle Kingdom (2015)


The Middle Kingdom is based upon the Irish myth 'Tochmarc Étaíne' or 'The Wooing Of Étaíne.' It is preserved in the early 12th century 'Lebor na Huidre,' yet was recorded in the language of the 8th century. I was inspired to bring this more obscure of Irish tales to light after delving into the dramatic works & poetry of W. B. Yeats. In an effort to continue Yeats' noble safeguarding of Ireland's epics, 'The Middle Kingdom' is also intended as a theatrical play combining bardic storytelling, music, acting & dance. This marks the first of what I hope, will be many mythically enduring tales brought to life once more with the spark of creative fire & the distilled essence of poetic frenzy rooted deep within the ancestral soil. In so being roused & inspirited by the works of Yeats, I heartfully dedicate this record to his lasting memory. Single 12’’ vinyl, printed inner sleeve, limited to 250 copies.

Mantic Poetry Oracular Prophecy (2014)


Mantic Poetry, Oracular Prophecy” was born within the hazel groves and molton sparks of crackling camp fires. Twas then cooked within the inner Coire Sios, or cauldron of wisdom, in order to make it more palatable for the ears. It evokes the frenzy of Suibhne, the imbas of Fionn Mac Cumhaill, The fire in the head of Derg Corra, the crane magic of Lugh and the creative bounty of Brigit, patroness of poets. Imbas Forosnai, which means, inspiration that illuminates, is one practice mentioned in a tenth century gloss from Ireland. It is this esoteric Druidic magic which invades the listener, revealing visions plucked from the dreams of sleeping God’s. I see what I see, you see what you see…

Gatefold, double red splatter vinyl 12’’ limited to 250 copies. Comes with a 32 page booklet.

Berserker (2012)


“Berserker” is dedicated to the biter of the shields rim, the bulger of the eyelids furrow. This is a record which Lasher Keen had boiling in the musical cauldron for nearly four years before its final completion. Many of the songs on Berserker were written during a flowering of deep interest in Norse and Scandinavian mythology. Quatrains to Wotan, Audhumbla and Fionn Mac Cumhaill alike resound in the oral soundscape of Berserker’s sonic sphere. Each piece was crafted with the energy of the fearsome warrior in mind. Here be the Paeans to our victorious exultant hero’s, whom none can vanquish, whom none can define. Released by Pesanta Urfolk.

Gatefold, double vinyl 12’’ limited to 500 copies. First 100 copies in yellow vinyl. Contains a 16 page booklet.


Featuring ~

~ Dawn McCarthy 
~ Nils Frykdahl  
~ Markus Wolff 
~ Cornelius Boots 

Possessed By The Forest Queen (2010)


From the deep earthen caverns we hail the daughters of darkness & light, The Elements gathered within a circle round & commanded by The Lady of Earth. These songs were written & gathered to pay homage to she who devours the boiling sun & kisses the yellow flames with lips of Fire. It has been a year since the last endeavor "Wither" was released into the spheres of sound. "Possessed by the Forest Queen" shows Lasher Keen exploring more medieval textures, ever striving for the forgotten chords to reawaken the sleeping spirits. Released by Pesanta Urfolk. 10’’ gatefold vinyl, limited to 323 copies, printed inner sleeve.


Featuring ~


Wither (2009)


“Wither” is based on the language of birds, the mythical divine green language which promises the initiate chirpngs of wisdom from the beaks of Otherworldly wanderings. Examples of this include Sigurd suddenly deciphering bird speech in the Volsunga saga after slaying the dragon Fafnir, or Odin’s ravens, Hugin And Munin, thought and memory respectfully. Two years in the making, this record features a wide range of instrumentation and moves towards a more introspective and intimate acoustic sound. Troll choirs, wormwood witches and blue ravens join together to create the second installment of Lasher Keen’s musical odyssey. Bones of the bird and human skin join together now. Hardcover book CD case with 16 page booklet. Limited to 500 copies.

Featuring ~

~ Markus Wolff,

~ Nils Frykdahl,

~ Dawn McCarthy

Lasher Keen (2006)


The first installment in Lasher Keen’s output consist of songs written while living in Oakland California. Here Lasher Keen is comprised of Dalrymple MacAlpin and Richard O’Connell. With many bay area guest musicians contributing bagpipes, classical flute, violin, cello, saxophone, upright bass and gospel choirs, the first Lasher Keen album is a unique mixture of light and dark. Angelic chorus’s aligned with crazed poetic measures in odd time signatures. Folk music at its rawest and most intense. CD limited to 500 copies.


Featuring ~

~ Jeremy Cohen 
~ Richard Howell 
~ Dan Reiter 
~ Michael LeBoeuf 
~ Patricia Bahia