"My intention is to fashion a vital and living consciousness into the puppets which I create. To give voice to the silence, form to the shapeless and depth to the mystifying inhabitants of invention and fantasy. For me, the carving of a puppet is a sacred act.” 

- Dalrymple MacAlpin

Puppeteer Dalrymple MacAlpin with marionettes Rumpelstilzchen and Dortchen

The Rumpelstilzchen marionette opera is a forthcoming project by Dalrymple MacAlpin. It will contain a full orchestral score entirely sung and preformed by hand carved puppets. In addition to marionettes with fully articulated moving mouths, a variety of other puppetry arts will be utilized in the production, including projections of stop motion silhouettes.

The opera, although inspired by the popular fairy tale from The Brothers Grimm, will actually focus on an original back story of who Rumpelstilzchen is, where his obscure lineage originates and how he acquired the alchemical power to spin ordinary straw into golden thread. These questions and more will be answered for the curious seeker, eager to find out what lay behind the curtain of this abiding and perennial fairy tale. 

Photo by Douglas Hooper

Stay tuned for updates & further details.

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