"Dalrymple is a storyteller of singular grace and charm; someone we must embrace and celebrate." 



 Award winning Japanese Storyteller

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The Prospector

Since 1972, Paul Emery has been bringing unique music and theater productions to Nevada City.

People have come to expect a quality to anything associated with the musician-turned-producer. His latest project is no exception....

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African Paper

The phrase "Make Believe", which is often used in English as a noun, denotes a deception or crookedness, the production of an illusion, a false appearance. It is by no means used only negatively....

The Oz Mix

How do you raise the consciousness of the planet? How do you make this a better place to live? How do you bring people together, mend divisions and encourage processes of creative problem-solving that affirm life?.....

Insight with Beth Ruyak

Cap Radio, Sacramento

Dalrymple MacAlpin is a playwright, composer, poet and puppeteer. He will debut his second theatrical production “Make Believe: An Archetypal Musical Theater Fairy Tale for the Young & Young at Heart.”

Insight with Beth Ruyak - interview with Dalrymple MacAlpin
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Dalrymple MacAlpin, Nevada County Artist of the Month

Tell us about your art form, or how you best describe your art?


It lies somewhere betwixt the muses of music, theater, puppetry, poetry and storytelling....

Filmmaker Charles Schneider champions Make Believe

Dalrymple MacAlpin’s MAKE BELIEVE is an absolutely prodigious and astonishing work of high-fantasy by a young master working at the height of his powers.. Inspired by the blood of his Celtic ancestors, fairy, Russian and other surprising archetypes....

The Union -

Fairies, witches & giants, oh my!

If you believe in magic—and even if you don’t—Dalrymple MacAlpin’s musical fantasy, “Make Believe,” will take you to an alternate world through story, music, singing, dancing and costume.......

The Union -

Believing the best

Local composer and playwright Dalrymple MacAlpin will be performing an array of selections from his highly acclaimed theatrical, musical fairy tale, “Make Believe,” which premiered early this year at the Nevada Theater.....

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