“Berserker” is dedicated to the biter of the shields rim, the bulger of the eyelids furrow. This is a record which lasher Keen had boiling in the musical cauldron for nearly four years before its final completion. Many of the songs on Berserker were written during a flowering of deep interest in Norse and Scandinavian mythology. Quatrains to Wotan, Audhumbla and Fionn Mac Cumhaill alike resound in the oral soundscape of Berserker’s sonic sphere. Each piece was crafted with the energy of the fearsome warrior in mind. Here be the Paeans to our victorious exultant hero’s, whom none can vanquish, whom none can define. Released by Pesanta Urfolk. Gatefold, double vinyl 12’’ limited to 500 copies. First 100 copies in yellow vinyl. Contains a 16 page booklet.

Berserker Limited Edition Double Yellow Vinyl LP