"The Middle Kingdom is based upon the Irish myth called 'Tochmarc Elaine' or 'The Wooing Of Elain.' It is preserved in the early 12th century 'Lebor na Huidre,' yet was recorded in the language of the 8th century. I was inspired to bring this more obscure of Irish tales to light after delving into the dramatic works & poetry of W. B. Yeats. In an effort to continue Yeats' noble safeguarding of Ireland's epics, 'The Middle Kingdom' is also intended as a theatrical play combining bardic storytelling, music, acting & dance. This marks the first of what I hope, will be many mythically enduring tales brought to life once more with the spark of creative fire & the distilled essence of poetic frenzy rooted deep within the ancestral soil. In so being roused & inspirited by the works of Yeats, I heartfully dedicate this record to his lasting memory. Single 12’’ vinyl, printed inner sleeve, limited to 250 copies.

The Middle Kingdom CD